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Hoch interessantes Interview mit Canales und Guarnido bei BD Paradisio (leider auf französisch).



Juan Díaz Canales und Juanjo Guarnido: Blacksad
#1. Irgendwo zwischen den Schatten

Eine Kritik von Ekkehard Knörer


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advised to try phenacetine she drove down to the drug
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Scarlet fever was associated with diphtheria in about
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no man than this that he trusted his life to his friend.
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present at the ceremonies were received from Professor
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Influence of Inebriety on Publio Health. This paper
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with advantages on the side of the cave dwellers. They
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usual symptoms present in such cases were not lacking
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not distinctly progressive. It may be objected that in
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present a still greater difference from that of the finger
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church to see how she is getting along. You call him
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ensue provided the anaesthetic were given with care.
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ents and gives no history of any hereditary taint in the
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day March 25th when I was called to see her. I found
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All harriers to the entrance of cholera into any state
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in law making we have been fairly successful. We de
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m and Dr. Reid urged this view on the Home Secretary
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Of the 19 patients 9 that is forty seven per cent. had
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persistence of the ventricle in systole for a short time
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anaemic condition and with a chronic coryza. Five days
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contagious that visits from Department inspectors were
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formed by the iridectomy. 6. The increased danger of
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tic animals in the past seven years and of this number
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be covered. You have now converted your patient s head
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troduction of contagion into our cities and the measures
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years and the writer suggests that others confirm or dis
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tion which subsequently disappeared. A second opera
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predominates and is necessarily much noticed by the pa
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tion. 4. The origin of the sensation is probably from
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seen gormandizers among children of a fairly healthy
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busy as to its contents. Some persons profess to have
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tori passu with that of the muscles to which the chief at
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appendix was gangrenous throughout its entire length
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brim of the pelvis and by careful dissection the abscess
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complaint is made are no exception to this natural law.
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other operators in closing the wound by means of differ
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The tumor was supposed to have begun its growth shortly
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in the majority of cases. Iodide of potassium was of use
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diphtheria besides cutting short the course of the disease
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tion. During all that time the distinguished guests pres
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stiffness of the neck. A severe attack of vomiting was
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Surgery and Anatomy. At the Fifty fifth Annual Meeting of
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family history is unimportant as tuberculosis is always
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Let me here say that it must be done systematically
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cord of the vicious and defective classes so that they
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teric fever are described by Dr. William Osier in the fourth
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Cognac subcutaneous injections of camphor in oil and
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constipation. Massage was nothing more nor less than
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was sure he had taken morphine. I lowered his head
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child a ain fell into deep sleep and slept four hours
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have an appetite. So he descended into the refrigerating
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tality 188 amputations for disease with 3.7 percent
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ures and he saw in some the enthusiasm of the explorer
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ing of above symptoms only for a few weeks. On exami
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but moderate force are sufficient to subdue it. But I
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There can be no question in regard to the phenomena
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memorials to the honored dead. The work of the late
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later pain in the head backache vomiting stiffness of
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average for the centre of a loaf during baking. The
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driven out the theory of pelvic cellulitis that for so long
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oppressive as was generally supposed by those who had
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the appearance of a stone and then a profuse flow of
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whose teeth penetrated the coat and clothing sinking
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retention of urine. He died of uraemia without sus
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tion ensues later. Although these figures are not invari
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I have had a sample of this phosphate analyzed there
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fully examined them and found these children perfectly
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ing on September 18th and 19th at Cassel. Among the
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had been obtained here. He mentioned the fact as one
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all countries yet when he inculcated the necessity of
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out the world. Indeed it is safe to say that Sims s
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peutics of Different Diseases Tables of Doses an Index
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rent was gradually increased to 75 m. which caused a
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In not more than one case in twenty will there be any
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by Beginsky. The latter informed him that the mortal
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August 15 1893 his stricture had been dilated up to
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spoken of above and salol which we shall find among

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